New Toy = New craft Tools



Finally receive  my long waited parcel from Christie Craft. But today I am going to blog about the EK DIMENSIONAL Flower Punch.


I was so excited that I try punching all types of paper, only found  out that we need  at lease 120gsm paper only can punch out nice perfect edge.


My creation ( green + ladybug) and my niece’s creation ( pink + yellow)

Video Tutorial

Other Punchers includes:

lily punch

 lily dimensional punch54-50081

Lily fringe flower dimensional punch


Paradise Dimensional Punch


Gardenia dimensional layering punch

Hopefully I can collect all the 3D punches soon before the company stopped  producing the punches.


[Duct Tape] Flower / Rose


Here is another duct tape craft I made. I bought the Duct tape at Mr. DIY @ SS2 Mall yesterday. The Price is cheaper than a normal duct tape. Too cheap that I could not resist to buy some for craft >.<  Here I made a rose according to So Craftastic  tutorial.


[Duct Tape] Ribbon Bow

Received the Rainbow Duct Tape from My Cousin Jeanette who was residing at USA. When the first time I set my eyes on this Rainbow Duct Tape, the inside of my head ( brain) told me to use this duct tape to make a bow. Once I reach home, I do not hesitate to start and try making some, the final out come was so beautiful that I keep on making with out having the slightest idea what I am going to digest these bows with.






After making a bunch of them, I search online and found some Idea on how to do with these bowie, I experiment it with a Bobbie hair Pin. The hair Pin Looks cute and customize ( personalize?!?). Love them to the max.



[Duct tape] Beads

OK guys! Today’s post is about duck tape. I came across this Youtube video  by SO CRAFTSTIC, where the author uses duck tapes to create beads than later thread the beads into bracelets. It was so cool that I decided to try it on my own. check out the video here.

I followed the instruction state  on the video and, boy! before I knew it, I have made a bunch of them. Kinda look like siput though >.<

I followed the video buy threading the beads into an elastic thread with a mini bead in between each of them, resulting a cute bracelets any female kids would adore.

Wow! Love the out come of the bracelet. Can’t wait to show this beauty to my 3 adorable nieces, and made them jealous ! Hahaha! What a bad Aunt I am!!!!!

P/s: wanna get 2 more different colors duck tape to make more of these, in a meantime, i’ll just settle with the silver and pink.

[Sewing] DIY Wire Headband


Was Playing with mum’s sewing machine whole evening, try my hands on the DIY wire head band which I long to try, but could not because lack of materials, finally got my last material this morning which was the wire, when dad when to the hardware shop to get some dog chains to keep those naughty dogs at bay.

The stitches was not perfect, but overall, I am happy that I have achieved yet another craft! My first Sewing Project to be exact!!!