Perler Beads – Cookie Monster

cookie monster

Here is another Perler Beads pieces that I make recently, the ever famous Sesame Street Character, the blue monsters who is crazy about cookies. He can gobbles cookies within seconds. He is non other than Cookie Monster. Yay! Screams for Cookie Monsters.


Perler Beads – Heart Shape Keychain

perlerbeads heart keychain

 I found this new craft 3 months ago, but never attempt to do it because i need to purchase the beads which cost a bomb!  Until I saw this seller, selling it in bulk form ( actually i don’t know its cheap or what), then I decided to buy it and have a go with it. I was given a FREE heart shape pegboard as a token of appreciation for the purchase

Since I got only the heart shape pegboard ( my other pegboards haven’t arrive yet, from taobao. so I made use with that and experiment it with colors and I come up with this heart keychain (picture above). My very first perler beads pieces.