[Duct Tape] Flower / Rose


Here is another duct tape craft I made. I bought the Duct tape at Mr. DIY @ SS2 Mall yesterday. The Price is cheaper than a normal duct tape. Too cheap that I could not resist to buy some for craft >.<  Here I made a rose according to So Craftastic  tutorial.



[Sewing] DIY Wire Headband


Was Playing with mum’s sewing machine whole evening, try my hands on the DIY wire head band which I long to try, but could not because lack of materials, finally got my last material this morning which was the wire, when dad when to the hardware shop to get some dog chains to keep those naughty dogs at bay.

The stitches was not perfect, but overall, I am happy that I have achieved yet another craft! My first Sewing Project to be exact!!!

Chinese New Year Lantern


Sis gave me a few packets of Su-Estilo Angpow Packets to ‘devoured’ into something crafty. I remembered the other day, I when to popular bookstore at Palm Square Center Point to “Study” a typical Chinese Lantern which attracts my attention. Because this types to lantern is not complected and easy to understands. Well, since I do not intend to buy the book, I need to find something easy to memorized. With my twitchy hands, I stay up all night just to finished that one and only lantern. >.<

Your Hands Are Your Best Tools

525929_449092868483544_1031946027_n                I love crafting! Nope!! I am Obsess with  crafting, From Origami Folding to Paper Quilling, perler beads and etc. I love all of them. Borrowing a phrase from Crumb Boss Factory, “Your hands are your best tools!” this is what Stephanie Hunter AKA the producer of the Crumb Boss TV always say. I am 100% agreed with that!!! Without both my hands, I can’t be crafting (Choi!!!).
               I remembered that someone use to told me that, “Whatever things that lay on your hands ( or fingers) , you sure know how to change it into something” . Well, I “wasted” most of my student life crafting instead of  studying. I rather spend more time folding paper cranes and wishing stars rather than open up my History / Geography text books to memorize those dates and facts. I had nothing better to do. I kinda like the feel of satisfaction whenever I complete a certain craft projects. 
           Since Young, I don’t really have the patient for anything.  But, when it comes to crafting, I can be very patient that I could spend hours and hours experimenting  craft that even my family and friends can’t stand my patient towards craft. Hahaha.