Wooden Craft Assemble- Horse Carrige

Wooden Craft Assemble

I bought this wooden craft assemble one week ago. But abandon it until yesterday only finished assemble it. During the process, I accidently break some of the pieces and had to glue them back using hot-melted glue.


Chinese New Year Lantern


Sis gave me a few packets of Su-Estilo Angpow Packets to ‘devoured’ into something crafty. I remembered the other day, I when to popular bookstore at Palm Square Center Point to “Study” a typical Chinese Lantern which attracts my attention. Because this types to lantern is not complected and easy to understands. Well, since I do not intend to buy the book, I need to find something easy to memorized. With my twitchy hands, I stay up all night just to finished that one and only lantern. >.<

The Beauty of Kudusama

I came across the kudusama flower at a law firm I used to work for back at 2008, but that time, I did not pay any interest to that flower until last year, when I was searching online for some 3D origami samples, I came across a website call folding trees[dot]com only i recognize that the whole ball made out of the said flower. And with great interest, i browse through the site, and start making it and experimenting it using different types of  papers and magazines. You can find the tutorial HERE & HERE. Its a very time consuming craft I can say, because you need to build up your ball petal by petals.
This is just a classic kudusama. There are many kinds of kudusama, just google Kudusama and you can find a very large verity of Kudusama. Base on your creativity, you can change the flowers into a wedding hand bouquet or a decoration on your store or home.
Give it a try and you will be amazed with the results. 

Perler Beads – Heart Shape Keychain

perlerbeads heart keychain

 I found this new craft 3 months ago, but never attempt to do it because i need to purchase the beads which cost a bomb!  Until I saw this seller, selling it in bulk form ( actually i don’t know its cheap or what), then I decided to buy it and have a go with it. I was given a FREE heart shape pegboard as a token of appreciation for the purchase

Since I got only the heart shape pegboard ( my other pegboards haven’t arrive yet, from taobao. so I made use with that and experiment it with colors and I come up with this heart keychain (picture above). My very first perler beads pieces.

Quilled Clover Leaves Magnets.


I happen to had this in hand which i bought it at Daiso N years ago, thinking that i could customize it,

but never use it since then,so I decided to browse the web and I come across this post, which give me an idea.

I use these wooden ladybug flat-backs button, to subtitue the original white clover flower.


I used a two tone green color for the clover leaves, and I glue the wooden ladybug on the leaves.


Made a Variation of yellow + orange leaves to represents Autumn (Lolz) on a green background.

Your Hands Are Your Best Tools

525929_449092868483544_1031946027_n                I love crafting! Nope!! I am Obsess with  crafting, From Origami Folding to Paper Quilling, perler beads and etc. I love all of them. Borrowing a phrase from Crumb Boss Factory, “Your hands are your best tools!” this is what Stephanie Hunter AKA the producer of the Crumb Boss TV always say. I am 100% agreed with that!!! Without both my hands, I can’t be crafting (Choi!!!).
               I remembered that someone use to told me that, “Whatever things that lay on your hands ( or fingers) , you sure know how to change it into something” . Well, I “wasted” most of my student life crafting instead of  studying. I rather spend more time folding paper cranes and wishing stars rather than open up my History / Geography text books to memorize those dates and facts. I had nothing better to do. I kinda like the feel of satisfaction whenever I complete a certain craft projects. 
           Since Young, I don’t really have the patient for anything.  But, when it comes to crafting, I can be very patient that I could spend hours and hours experimenting  craft that even my family and friends can’t stand my patient towards craft. Hahaha.