[Duct tape] Beads


OK guys! Today’s post is about duck tape. I came across this Youtube video  by SO CRAFTSTIC, where the author uses duck tapes to create beads than later thread the beads into bracelets. It was so cool that I decided to try it on my own. check out the video here.

I followed the instruction state  on the video and, boy! before I knew it, I have made a bunch of them. Kinda look like siput though >.<


I followed the video buy threading the beads into an elastic thread with a mini bead in between each of them, resulting a cute bracelets any female kids would adore.


Wow! Love the out come of the bracelet. Can’t wait to show this beauty to my 3 adorable nieces, and made them jealous ! Hahaha! What a bad Aunt I am!!!!!

P/s: wanna get 2 more different colors duck tape to make more of these, in a meantime, i’ll just settle with the silver and pink.